PCBA Sales Manager

Job description:

1 fully responsible for the company's tablet PCBA promotion and sales.

2 according to the sales target, determine the sales target, formulate the sales plan and sales model.

3 sales manager to act as a project driver. Make full use of the resources of R & D and technical support department to promote the design of key customers' products (including product definition and mass production).

4 of customers to monitor the progress of the project, expected analysis of customer orders, customer orders of the problem, have the foresight to put forward solutions (to the implementation of specific responsibility and task completion time), to ensure the progress of the sale.

5 organize and implement the sales work in the region to support the sales target.

6 regular daily / weekly and periodic summary report.

7 responsible for collecting and feedback on the market of hot selling products of the information: the integration of the product, the program of the company's program, hot selling products and geographical channels, summary and feedback of hot selling products, etc.

8 assist the after sales department to collect feedback from customers and agents on product performance and quality (including quality of service).

Job requirements:

1 basic understanding of the tablet platform, with the tablet PC industry sales experience, such as motherboards, screens, TP, batteries, etc.

2 more than one year sales experience in PCBA industry

3 proficient in sales management knowledge, with the ability to develop sales channels

4 sensitive to people and organizations

5 high degree of professionalism and passion for work

6 strong communication, coordination and promotion ability, good at communicating with all kinds of personality