Shenzhen ChipTrip Technology Co,Ltd is a professional engaged in the product development business tablet computer and software service provider implementation and focus on the promotion of Table PC technology, the high-tech products into the family, to provide quality products for consumers, quality, fast service.

   We have a strong product development capabilities, focused on providing a stable PCBA service and the whole business, to provide a package of solutions, design, product, promotion and other services, to help customers through agents, business success, and through our joint efforts, enrich people's life and entertainment.

   Products are mainly concentrated in the development and use of the touch plate, with all major IC factory cooperation, will integrate computer tablet, science and technology into daily life, realize the palm control all functions, integrated mail, gaming experience, surfing the Internet, online on-demand and other functions.
   We have independent R & D center and acquired excellent cooperation with strategic partners, powerful hardware, software, has all kinds of experienced engineers, 80% of the company's personnel engaged in research and development or research surrounding the technical work, the enterprise has the market leading technology development strength and strategic vision.